Archived Campaigns

PopupView was pleased to host augmented reality campaigns for clients ranging from Quays Culture to Manchester Museum

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L.S Lowry in the 21st century

Groups of People at Lightwaves Festival 

Visioning Lab produced PopupView as an AR app for the Lightwaves Festival using digital drawings sketched in virtual reality by visitors to the Immersive Lab.  The work was inspired by LS Lowry and also used photo montages created by fine artist Amber McCormack.  This project was part of a workshop series introducing people to drawing in virtual reality and the process of making augmented reality experiences for the PopupView platform.

Release the spirit of the butterfly

We developed a PopupView campaign for the launch of the Manchester Museum insect gallery. We invited visitors to the launch to ‘release’ the spirits of the butterflies from their display cases. This narrative invited discussion and reflection on the trapping and death of insects as Victorian curiosities.