Digital Nature Trail – Package for Venues

The Digital Nature trail is a fun day out exploring Manchester and its environs using the PopupView app to find 3D digital artworks inspired by nature. Visitors to the city download the app and follow the map to find and reveal the artworks using ‘trigger images’ located at different venues across the city.

By hosting images for the trail, venues can take advantage of the PR generated by the experience, increased footfall to their premises, social media buzz about the experience whilst also raising awareness about the value and beauty of nature.

Package for venues
Visioning Lab, organisers of the trail, are offering a 12 month package for venues to participate in the experience.

The offer includes:

  1. Consultancy on how and where to place the trigger image on your premises to maximise conversion of footfall to paying customer
  2. Selection from a collection of beautiful nature photographs to display or project onto walls at the venue
  3. Insight into how augmented reality apps work
  4. Inclusion on a city map and list of participating venues 
  5. Brand association with important themes of sustainability, ecological awareness and civic engagement
  6. Promotions about the experience and associated venues through a PR agency
  7. Social media buzz including photos and tagging of venue names
  8. Invitation to launch event
  9. Option to offer associated virtual reality workshops as part of the experience
  10. Aggregated analytics on user movement and engagement with the app in venues and across the city

Venue contribution

This exclusive offer is available for up to 20 host venues across the city. We take expressions of interest and select venues to provide a good walking experience and cross-section of offers across the city.

Participating venues need to commit to the following to take part:

  • 12 month hosting of the trigger image using imagery provided by us
  • Clear and ongoing display of the image
  • Staff awareness of the Digital Nature trail
  • Sharing details about the experience through venue comms channels
  • Willingness to offer promotional deals in return for social media posting
  • Monthly fee (paid via direct debit)

Discounts and subsidised packages are available for third and public sector venues.


To discuss this proposal, please get in touch with Jessica Symons via email or call mobile 07984747796.

Visioning Lab: Recent examples of relevant work 

Groups of People at Lightwaves Festival 

Visioning Lab developed an AR app for the Lightwaves Festival using digital drawings sketched in virtual reality by visitors to the Immersive Lab. The work was inspired by LS Lowry and also used photo montages created by fine artist Amber McCormack.  

Animating maps with In4.0 Access 

Visioning Lab developed an AR app for In4.0 Access, a company providing professional training in innovation and leadership. Available for download via Google Play and the Apple App store, this app provided users with 3D insight into the routes from public transport and carparks to the training locations.  

 Find the butterflies at the Royal Horticulture Show in Tatton (RHS 2019) 

Visioning Lab collaborated with Tatton and Cheshire East Council to animate the Tatton stand at the 2019 Royal Horticulture Show.  Artist Jacki Clark made 3D digital sketches using virtual reality.  

The AR app worked on tablets at the Tatton stand and the butterfly case. Visitors released butterflies by pointing the device camera at the display.